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24 hours of code – Hosted by Accenture

I have participated in a Hackathon, hosted by Accenture. The proposed project was very interesting: a social app for blind people. The technical requirements for the app were pretty obvious for this scenario. The app had to have an interface friendly towards people with total or partial blindness. I was very happy to work on this project, as I though about these kind of challenges for a visually impaired person before, but never had an opportunity to challenge myself on this before. I am pretty happy with my result. The app can be cloned from the repository here, and the Continue reading

Common sense in app store reviews

What a quick and easy process is leaving a review for an app you installed! It usually takes only a few seconds, maybe a minute or two, if you want to write a more elaborate review. But, the most important question – in my opinion – is if the review is actually helpful? Superfluous or naive reviews It needs to be helpful towards the developer of the app and also other people who are considering installing that particular app. I often see superfluous or naive reviews, hateful or sometimes really puzzling. For example, I searched for an app that can Continue reading

Publishing Unity game to App Store & fixing errors in Xcode

This is a quick tutorial on how to export your Unity project to Xcode and then from Xcode to the App Store without errors, fixing these errors and warnings: – Module ‘GoogleMobileAds’ not found;– Missing Marketing Icon;– Push notifications not enabled;– Undefined symbols for architecture armv7.

Arduino fishtank light control

Here is how the final product looks like:   The required parts are: – an Arduino Uno board; – a LCD shield; – a relay; – two brick buttons; – cables. The case is optional, but here is the 3D model if you want to 3D print it: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2008460 We will connect our fishtank’s lamp to a relay, that we will turn on and off at certain times a day. In my case, I turn the light on at 9am and turn it off at 10pm. Here is the code:   // include the library code: #include <LiquidCrystal.h> // initialize Continue reading

Javascript Artificial Intelligence Tutorial – For beginners

Here is a simple JavaScript Artificial Intelligence Tutorial for beginners using the reinforced learning method. You need to have basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as programming basics. This tutorial is a starting point for people who want to implement A.I. in their projects. You are free to “steal” ideas and techniques from this 🙂 In this tutorial we will create a car with an A.I. driver, which will drive along a road avoiding obstacles. The avoiding will be made by the A.I. and not by direct programming (like using IF-statements). There are multiple ways to achieve Continue reading