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Future racing track – Mobile ready

Unity future racing track, optimized for smartphones. Great for sprint or circuit races, or even drifting, thanks to the large width of the tracks. Prefabs for track parts are available, make your own future racing track! The map doesn’t use many textures, so it can increase the rendering performance for smartphones. You have the following 9 prefabs in this package: – Long straight track (200 polys / 384 tris); – Short straight track (10 polys / 20 tris); – Corner track (10 polys / 20 tris); – Ramp (10 polys / 20 tris); – Start/end gate (78 polys / 148 Continue reading

Synchronizing player currency (not score) over multiple devices – using a cloud

I was building a racing game which uses a fake currency. The player receives money when winning races, money that he can use to buy new cars or unlock new tracks. But what if the player was playing during the day on his phone, and at night on a tablet? I wanted the progress to be synchronized.   The solution is simple when synchronising a game that has a score that only goes up (incremented in only one direction). if (scoreInCloud > scoreInDevice) { //download          scoreInDevice = scoreInCloud; }else{ //upload               Continue reading

Desert Drift Race Track – Mobile Optimized

This is a support page for the Desert Drift Race Track – Mobile Optimized asset:  https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/desert-drift-race-track-mobile-optimized-91533 Please leave your feedback about the asset here as comment. For updates follow me on twitter: niandrei. Optimized for mobiles. The scene contains: – a main light (sun) + ambient light;– simple Unity camera;– Unity terrain with grass and cactus;– 3D model of a starting line gate;– prefabs of tires;– prefabs of rocks;– prefabs of trees;– prefabs of road signs;– skybox. Textures are max. 1024px x 1024px. Meshes are low-poly, materials and textures are optimized for mobiles. Models are marked as static and have Continue reading

Docks race track – Mobile optimized

This is a support page for the Docks race track – Mobile optimized Unity 3D asset: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/roadways/docks-race-track-mobile-optimized-75458 Please leave your feedback about the asset here as comment. For updates follow me on twitter: niandrei. Race track recommended for drifting. Optimized for mobiles, all models are low poly. Textures around 512px x 512px. Tris around 15k. Lights are baked. There are animated dust particles in the air. All models have prefabs for fast construction of new levels.   You can also check another one my my maps.

Building a mobile game for kids

So I decided to enter the mobile game market (a little late, I know), by creating a mobile game for iPhones primarily, and then port it to Android devices and Windows phones. The game will be targeted to children. I choose ImpactJS as the main platform, because it uses the canvas HTML5 element to do the rendering. The Canvas element is supported by many platforms already, so it’s fairly easy to port it to multiple devices. I have made a couple of games with ImpactJS so far, so I have some experience with it, though I’m still learning many of Continue reading