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What is an ‘evil’ AI?

Evil robots with machine-guns, killing any human in sight, because the robots know they are more intelligent than humans. You have probably heard about this theory, you may even consider this is something that will inevitably happen, in the near future, unless we do something about it. However, everything about that sentence is wrong. What is an evil AI? Let’s debunk it. AI versus General AI Let’s define some terms and concepts first. The purpose of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) is to solve one or more specific tasks. These tasks are usually complex and they need to be solved fast Continue reading

Install Tensorflow on Ubuntu with Virtualenv

Tensorflow on Ubuntu 14.4 (64). Here is a video version of this tutorial: And here is the terminal commands and code used: sudo su sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev python-virtualenv virtualenv –system-site-packages ~/tensorflow source ~/tensorflow/bin/activate pip install –upgrade https://storage.googleapis.com/tensorflow/linux/cpu/tensorflow-0.7.1-cp27-none-linux_x86_64.whl Find the tenserFlow location: python -c ‘import os; import inspect; import tensorflow; print(os.path.dirname(inspect.getfile(tensorflow)))’ The test project: Start the test project: python -m tensorflow.test Source pages: https://www.tensorflow.org/versions/r0.7/get_started/os_setup.html#test-the-tensorflow-installation https://www.tensorflow.org/versions/r0.7/get_started/os_setup.html#virtualenv-installation