Smartphone apps


– AdMob banner, interstitial or video reward ads

– Google Play Leaderboards

– Google Play Achievements

– Facebook/Twitter share button

– real time and recorded user analytics

– notifications to user’s phone

– real time chats

– user score and progress synchronisation

– third party login and authorization

– custom events

– audio/video playback

– 3D visuals

– augmented reality

Web solutions


– responsive design

– fast loading times

– personalised user interface

– user analytics

– custom API integration

– social media tools integration



– database integration

– background tasks

– cloud services

– custom APIs

Project management


– Agile workflow technique

– Planning supervision

– Progress monitoring

– Deadline monitoring

– Test cases

– Quality assurance

– Target audience study

– Examining competition

– Market research

Full-Stack Web Developer


More than 10 years of experience as a web programmer.

Fluent in JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS.

Experienced with jQuery and MySQL.

Some experience with Python, Java and C#.


Technologies and platforms

Ajax, Node.js, XML, Bootstrap, Git, CakePHP, WordPress, Android Studio, Xcode.

Windows, MacOS, Linux desktop and server distros.

Android and iOS App development.

UI / UX theory and deployment.



Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Visual Studio

Corel Draw

Unity 3D

3D Studio Max


Android Studio