Race track level

Unity 3D Map Asset

I wanted to build a small race track level for testing vehicle physics, and I needed a track that loops around. That is how this track came to be. After some tweaks and improvements I have decided to offer this map to other indie developers, hoping that it would help them with their projects.

Because the main track is one piece, not modular, there isn’t that much variations that you can make with this. However, it is fun to drive on it just as it is 🙂

I have added some tires around the track that can be moved around, and maybe create some obstacles.

The terrain is built with Unity’s built in terrain editor, and the trees are also part of Unity’s internal assets.

This track is not optimized for smartphone games, but I don’t think there will be any problems if you do decide to use this map in a mobile game, because of Unity’s internal optimizations.

This scene contains:

– a race track 3D model
– Unity terrain with Unity trees
– safety tires with physics applied
– one camera
– one light

Materials have hi-res textures and normal maps.

There are around 270k tris in the camera view.

Please note that the car shown in the video is not included.

If you have used this race track level in your project, and will like to give feedback on further improvements and features, please let me know.


Do you plan on buying several assets from me? Contact me and I will give you a discount 😉

Small track - Great for prototyping
It loops - Great for circuit races
24/7 Support - Free online help
Day time track
Low poly
One piece track

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