Q: Can you build a website for me?

A: Yes, I can help! I build websites. From small static ones, to big, dynamic ones.


Q: Do you build web apps?

A: Yes, I build web apps. For offline or online services. Small or scalable.


Q: How long does it take to build an app?

A: There is no fixed timeline. It all depends on the complexity of the app and how much resources can be reused from other previous projects.


Q: For what platforms do you develop?

A: I can create apps that run under Android and iOS operating systems (smarthones and tablets), or web apps which run in browsers.


Q: I want a game app made. Can you help?

A: I work with Unity3D as a rendering engine. It is a powerful gaming engine guaranteed to help you with your game idea. I can build a game for you using Unity3D.


Q: Can you fix my app?

A: Sorry, I only work on apps that I have built.


Q: How do I pay?

A: I accept payment through PayPal or by direct bank transfer. I will supply an invoice for my services upon payment. I only work with a contract and I can sign an NDA if necessary.


Q: Do you make maps for games?

A: I can create maps for your game, build to your specifications. This includes modelling, texturing, lighting or animating.