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Common sense in app store reviews

What a quick and easy process is leaving a review for an app you installed! It usually takes only a few seconds, maybe a minute or two, if you want to write a more elaborate review. But, the most important question – in my opinion – is if the review is actually helpful? Superfluous or naive reviews It needs to be helpful towards the developer of the app and also other people who are considering installing that particular app. I often see superfluous or naive reviews, hateful or sometimes really puzzling. For example, I searched for an app that can Continue reading

Choose the direction of the YouTube channel

My YouTube channel will split in two, with the creation of a dedicated gaming channel. The main channel currently has programming tutorials, songs I made, gameplays, livestream of projects I work on and even some cat videos :p I like making all of these, but I think I should focus on more frequent uploads of content you want. So I made a poll. Please vote on which content you would like to see more often: [socialpoll id=”2421099″] Thanks.