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Future racing track – Mobile ready

Unity future racing track, optimized for smartphones. Great for sprint or circuit races, or even drifting, thanks to the large width of the tracks. Prefabs for track parts are available, make your own future racing track! The map doesn’t use many textures, so it can increase the rendering performance for smartphones. You have the following 9 prefabs in this package: – Long straight track (200 polys / 384 tris); – Short straight track (10 polys / 20 tris); – Corner track (10 polys / 20 tris); – Ramp (10 polys / 20 tris); – Start/end gate (78 polys / 148 Continue reading

Inbox minimalism

Here are some tips for decluttering your inbox by applying an inbox minimalism approach. These advice come from my personal experience. I needed a cleaner interface for my email inbox, while at the same time I needed to know my work progress (what emails are pending a reply, which are done, etc.) at a glance. Removing chaos I loathe chaos in my work environment. I need things to be “just right” for me to work at a sustained productive level. I need lots of light, few objects as possible on my desk and silence from the outside world. The same Continue reading

Plastic-Free places APP

No need to say ‘Hold the straw!’ the next time you order your favorite cocktail, because you have used the Plastic-Free places APP! The places found in the app have decided to not use plastic anymore. Yay! Want to join the ‘no plastic pollution’ movement? Or are you already part of this community that wants to reduce plastic? Welcome! You can add new places in the app and also you can review existing ones. Please note: the app is under construction. Please report any bugs or problems. Testing phase Want to contribute in the development phase? We’ll be more than Continue reading

3D City game level (optimised for mobile games)

Unity city asset for drifting games. Download the map here: Mobile-ready map of a portion of a city, great for drifting games.  Low polys Optimized objects for mobile devices Unity3D ready Textures are included Max scene source included Polygons: 2300 Vertices: 3000 UV Mapped: Yes The city is low poly, so it can be rendered fast on all types of mobile devices, however the textures are rich and full of details, giving the illusion of a high-detailed city area. The lighting is baked into the geometry, and can be re-baked if necessary. The buildings are not repetitive in a Continue reading

What is an ‘evil’ AI?

Evil robots with machine-guns, killing any human in sight, because the robots know they are more intelligent than humans. You have probably heard about this theory, you may even consider this is something that will inevitably happen, in the near future, unless we do something about it. However, everything about that sentence is wrong. What is an evil AI? Let’s debunk it. AI versus General AI Let’s define some terms and concepts first. The purpose of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) is to solve one or more specific tasks. These tasks are usually complex and they need to be solved fast Continue reading

24 hours of code – Hosted by Accenture

I have participated in a Hackathon, hosted by Accenture. The proposed project was very interesting: a social app for blind people. The technical requirements for the app were pretty obvious for this scenario. The app had to have an interface friendly towards people with total or partial blindness. I was very happy to work on this project, as I though about these kind of challenges for a visually impaired person before, but never had an opportunity to challenge myself on this before. I am pretty happy with my result. The app can be cloned from the repository here, and the Continue reading

Hands-On Artificial Intelligence with JavaScript

I have a book out about Artificial Intelligence! Check it out on Amazon. All the examples in the book are written in JavaScript and oriented towards web developers. You don’t have to be proficient in JavaScript though to understand the key concepts. Inside the book A.I. powered chatbots, computer vision and neural networks for your web applications using JavaScript. Mission – Teach the reader how to build projects involving Artificial Intelligence using JavaScript as a primary programming language.– Explore various techniques of using Artificial Intelligence in real-world scenarios– Explain what machine learning is and how it can be applied in Continue reading

Common sense in app store reviews

What a quick and easy process is leaving a review for an app you installed! It usually takes only a few seconds, maybe a minute or two, if you want to write a more elaborate review. But, the most important question – in my opinion – is if the review is actually helpful? Superfluous or naive reviews It needs to be helpful towards the developer of the app and also other people who are considering installing that particular app. I often see superfluous or naive reviews, hateful or sometimes really puzzling. For example, I searched for an app that can Continue reading

Publishing Unity game to App Store & fixing errors in Xcode

This is a quick tutorial on how to export your Unity project to Xcode and then from Xcode to the App Store without errors, fixing these errors and warnings: – Module ‘GoogleMobileAds’ not found;– Missing Marketing Icon;– Push notifications not enabled;– Undefined symbols for architecture armv7.

Synchronizing player currency (not score) over multiple devices – using a cloud

I was building a racing game which uses a fake currency. The player receives money when winning races, money that he can use to buy new cars or unlock new tracks. But what if the player was playing during the day on his phone, and at night on a tablet? I wanted the progress to be synchronized.   The solution is simple when synchronising a game that has a score that only goes up (incremented in only one direction). if (scoreInCloud > scoreInDevice) { //download          scoreInDevice = scoreInCloud; }else{ //upload               Continue reading