Future racing track – Mobile ready

Future racing track

Unity future racing track, optimized for smartphones.

Great for sprint or circuit races, or even drifting, thanks to the large width of the tracks.

future racing track

Prefabs for track parts are available, make your own future racing track!

The map doesn’t use many textures, so it can increase the rendering performance for smartphones.

You have the following 9 prefabs in this package:

– Long straight track (200 polys / 384 tris);
– Short straight track (10 polys / 20 tris);
– Corner track (10 polys / 20 tris);
– Ramp (10 polys / 20 tris);
– Start/end gate (78 polys / 148 tris);
– Guidance arrows + animation script;
– Neon lights (36 polys / 72 tris);
– Billboard object (78 polys / 148 tris);
– Track stands (178 polys / 340 tris).

Textures are 512px x 512px.

Most objects have no textures, only simple materials, for maximum performance and aesthetic.

Drive in a futuristic environment, with lasers, bright neon colors and space platforms. Unity future racing track with a retro look.

Download the map here.

Please note: car shown in the video is NOT included in the asset.

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