Plastic-Free places APP

Plastic-free places

No need to say ‘Hold the straw!’ the next time you order your favorite cocktail, because you have used the Plastic-Free places APP!

The places found in the app have decided to not use plastic anymore. Yay!

Want to join the ‘no plastic pollution’ movement? Or are you already part of this community that wants to reduce plastic? Welcome!

You can add new places in the app and also you can review existing ones.


Please note: the app is under construction. Please report any bugs or problems.

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Testing phase

Want to contribute in the development phase? We’ll be more than happy to have you in our team!

What is needed now for the Plastic-Free places APP?

Just basic testing – use the app 🙂

  • register an account and then log in
  • add new places (they can be real or made up)
  • find places near you and see their info
  • check spelling
  • pay attention to the speed of the app
  • suggest new features


You can check out the projects page for more info, or contact me directly through any of the social links on this page.

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