3D City game level (optimised for mobile games)

Unity city asset for drifting games.

Download the map here.

Mobile-ready map of a portion of a city, great for drifting games. 

  • Low polys
  • Optimized objects for mobile devices
  • Unity3D ready
  • Textures are included
  • Max scene source included
Unity city asset for drifting games
Unity city asset for drifting games

Polygons: 2300

Vertices: 3000

UV Mapped: Yes

The city is low poly, so it can be rendered fast on all types of mobile devices, however the textures are rich and full of details, giving the illusion of a high-detailed city area.

The lighting is baked into the geometry, and can be re-baked if necessary.


The buildings are not repetitive in a obvious way, tweaks have been made in rotation and textures to give the impression of having multiple buildings.



Moreover, the city area is making use of different techniques for improving performance on all devices (for example, not rendering the back of the building where the player can never go or using transparent sprites to mimic large areas of vegetation).



Also, attention has been given to details and point of interest in the map, to give many attractions and to not bore the player when racing.

Areas with flowers and different store-fronts are available.



Some areas have obstacles and objects on the roads to make the environment more dynamic. These can be moved around, combined and even customized.

A diverse environment make for a fun map 🙂 Special effects can be added by the developer to the map, like atmospherics, dynamic lights or animated sprites.

Have fun.


If you have any questions or problems with this track, please ask, I’ll be happy to help.



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