24 hours of code – Hosted by Accenture

I have participated in a Hackathon, hosted by Accenture. The proposed project was very interesting: a social app for blind people.

The technical requirements for the app were pretty obvious for this scenario. The app had to have an interface friendly towards people with total or partial blindness.

I was very happy to work on this project, as I though about these kind of challenges for a visually impaired person before, but never had an opportunity to challenge myself on this before.

I am pretty happy with my result. The app can be cloned from the repository here, and the code is open-source. It is not a complete app, only a prototype. The design and functionality can be expanded.

It has been written with PHP, JavaScript, CSS and is connected to a MySQL database and it runs on an Apache server.

A live demo can be found here.

It works great when accessed on a smartphone with a speech assistant enabled.

I hope more developers offer apps that are optimised for people with disabilities.

GIT project: https://github.com/NiscoveanuAndreiPFA/SocialAppForBlindPeople

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