Desert Drift Race Track – Mobile Optimized

This is a support page for the Docks race track – Mobile optimized Unity 3D asset:


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Optimised for mobiles.

The scene contains:

– a main light (sun) + ambient light;
– simple Unity camera;
– Unity terrain with grass and cactus;
– 3D model of a starting line gate;
– prefabs of tires;
– prefabs of rocks;
– prefabs of trees;
– prefabs of road signs;
– skybox.

Textures are max. 1024px x 1024px.

Meshes are low-poly, materials and textures are optimised for mobiles.

Models are marked as static and have box or mesh colliders applied.

The videoclip shows a game that can be made from starting with this asset.

Note: Car, palm trees and post processing not included in the asset.


Thank you

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