Mountain Sprint Race Track

This is a support page for the Mountain Sprint Race Track Unity 3D asset:

Download the map here.


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This assets contains:

– a racetrack with collision wall
– Unity3D terrain with trees
– start, finish and checkpoint gates
– green, yellow and red flags
– power line towers
– track red side arrows
– rocks
– wood cabins
– tunnel entry
– ambient lights
– skybox

Tris. count on average: 2.4M.
Textures are around 2048px x 2048px.
If performance on your computer is bad, you can adjust the trees LOD, or remove some of them, or bake the lights.

For updates follow me on twitter: niandrei.

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2 thoughts on “Mountain Sprint Race Track

  1. I am interested in this asset, but the video has me concerned about one detail. At the end of the video, the car stops because it is blocked by some obstacle. I want to know if this obstacle can easily be removed by me so that the car can continue around the track. I want to make sure that the track properly loops so a race can have more than a single lap. I bought another similar asset only to find out that it had a beginning and an end, but didn’t loop. I don’t want to be stuck with another track that has the same problem.

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