Desert Race Track Level

Unity Asset Desert Map

This is a support page for the Desert Race Track Level Unity 3D asset:

Download the map here.


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This is a very long race track set in the desert.

The scene contains:

– a light (sun)
– a camera
– Unity terrain with grass and cactus
– 3D models of cactus
– 3D model of a race track
– 3D model of a starting line gate
– 3D models of tires
– 3D models of rocks
– 3D models of road signs

Textures are 2048px x 2048px with normal maps.

For updates follow me on twitter: niandrei.

Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Desert Race Track Level

    1. Hello. You cannot increase its width by scaling it inside Unity, because Unity will keep the proportions. You can only make the whole track bigger. For what you are looking for you need a professional editing software like Studio Max or Maya to edit the width. But I will keep in mind you suggestion (I have received similar) and I will try to make another version of the track for wider races.

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