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Andrei Nișcoveanu

Full Stack Web Developer

Fluent in JavaScript and PHP. (+MySQL, HTML and CSS).


Experienced with:

  • Platforms/Libraries: Bootstrap, jQuery, CakePHP, WordPress, Angular, Laravel, Git.
  • Development: Android Studio, Apple Xcode, Adobe Photoshop, Visual Code.
  • Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, Unix CLI.
  • Apps: Android and iOS App development.
  • Design: UI / UX knowledge (standards and deployment).
  • Agile: Agile methodology (Scrum, Kanban & Scrumban).
Niscoveanu Andrei

More than 10 years of experience as a web programmer.

My services

Smartphone games

– AdMob banner, interstitial or video reward ads

– Google Play Leaderboards

– Google Play Achievements

– Facebook/Twitter share button

Smarthphone app features

– real time and recorded user analytics

– notifications to user’s phone

– real time chats

– user score and progress synchronisation across devices

Smartphone app API integration

– third party login and authorization

– custom events

– audio/video playback

Front-end web solutions

– responsive design

– fast loading times

– personalised user interface

Back-end web solutions

– database integration

– background tasks

– cloud services

Advanced networking systems

– remote server connections

– app to web page sync

– backup and security

3D Maps for Unity games

Optimised for smartphones

  • Low-poly and optimised for speed
  • Baked lights
  • Various environments
  • Day and night variants
  • Summer and winter variants
Featured project

Content management system

For web and Smartphone App

  • Responsive design
  • Modular (Invoices, Inventory, Appointments etc.)
  • Strong security and automated backups
  • Extended with APIs (SMS, PDF etc.)
  • Multiple languages and themes

JavaScript A.I. tutorial

Video tutorial for JavaScript beginners

  • Make an A.I. car avoid obstacles
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • HTML and CSS for beginners
  • Separated into 6 chapters
  • Open source code available


Email and Skype:

Company info:

Niscoveanu Andrei PFA
30307288, F10/511/13.06.2012
Buzau, Romania